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About us .....

SOMET d.o.o.
is a company from metal-production field.
Our business includes foundry, machining facility, production of shippbuilding armatures and awnings.

Production planning is supported by ERP system, technology developed on CAD-CAM system, and final production mainly made on CNC machines.

Tradition of our company is about 40 years old.

Shippbuilding armatures production has been developed as a support for our national shippbuilding industry.
But our foundry has even wider production coverage, not only connected with shippbuilding industry.

Since we have a model shop "in house", we can desing new products on CAD-CAM and produce casting models on CNC technology. That gives us advantage of covering whole production line - from CAD-CAM desing of models, model shop, casting foundry, untill product finishing.

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